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Pighi Papadimitriou

IP Manager - Small rights, Composers & Authors

Pighi Papadimitriou started her professional career in the sector of music intellectual property in 1990. Ever since she has offered her services to major departments of large and small companies related to intellectual property and music publishing. She has participated in international conferences and technical committees about copyright and, due to her collaborations within the Greek territory and abroad with composers, authors, collective management organisations and publishers, she has gained a valuable experience and has acquired a special knowledge in all categories of intellectual property rights and in the field of music publishing.

Fotini Tzevelekou

IP Manager - Grand rights, Rentals & Sales

Fotini Tzevelekou is a professional in the sector of music publishing rights and the copyright of music dramatic and dance performances, since 1992. During her career in the music industry she has cooperated with major clients in Greece and Cyprus for concert performances and stage performances of various works (symphonic works, operas, ballets etc.) as well as with important foreign music publishers. She has contributed to the fair use and protection of the repertoires she has represented and because of her special knowledge and  many years of experience she has gained the appreciation and trust of her collaborators worldwide.

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