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'Carmina Burana' with Marios Fragoulis at Herodes Atticus Theater

08 October 2022Source: News 247

It is a concept that has fascinated music-loving audiences of all ages around the world for about eighty years. The music of Carl Orff with a disarming naivety, paints in a wonderful way images and feelings through time. The influence of fate in people's lives, the love of nature, love, wine and fun, inspire today in the same way they inspired the would-be monks of the Middle Ages to write these graceful verses.

Through the work of Carl Orff, which manages to touch the most subtle and the most majestic emotions at the same time, musicians and choirs with the collaboration of Marios Fragoulis, Deborah Myers, Nikos Spanatis promise to render it with symphonic and choral volumes that sometimes captivate like shock wave and when, with the finest touches of sound, they caress the senses. 

In the concert to be given on October 8th by the ERT National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Loukas Karytinos, in addition to the three soloists, the ERT Choir (tutorial Agathangelos Georgakatos), the Athens Youth Academic Choir (tutorial Nikos Maliaras) and the Rosarte Children's Choir (teaching Roi Mastrosavva).


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