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Christos Papageorgiou - Composer

An internationally acclaimed Greek composer, pianist, arranger with great talent. He has collaborated with the largest orchestras in the world and has been honored with significant awards. Restless spirit, without musical prejudices.

Christos Papageorgiou is a composer, concert pianist and also producer of Classical Music Programs for TV ET 1&2 and Radio 3 National Channels. His other activities include conducting, lecturing and teaching.

He has performed in venues such as Berlin Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Kensington Palace and collaborated with ensembles such as the Philharmonia Orchestra, Orchestre Symphonique du Capitole de Toulouse,  Czech Radio Symphony, München Sinfoniker, Orquestra Sinfonica “Ciudad de Malaga”, N.H.K. Danyu Orchestra(Japan), Odessa Philharmonic ,Orchestra Sinfonica-del Emilia Romagna-“Arturo Toscanini”, Buffalo Philharmonic Oxford Philomusica. N.Y. Phil Soloists.

He has received  awards including the First Prize at the “5th International Competition for Composition “2 Agosto” (Italy) , also top prizes in five International Piano Duo Competitions in U.S.A, Japan, Italy, Czech Republic and Switzerland,  the “Young Artist of the Year” award for 1998 by the “National Society of Critics for music and drama” and as Radio 3 Director the Cultural Award of  the “Foundation for the Building of the “Maria Callas” Lyric Academy”.

He has been Director of the National Classical Radio 3 and Counsellor to the Hellenic National Broadcasting Corporation for the Music Ensembles and Classical Radio 3, Professor of Music at the National School of Dance, Associate Lecturer at the Ionian University and Artistic Director of the National Conservatory Department in Kifissia. 

Christos Papageorgiou has led a career in three musical fields: Composer performer and producer. He has collaborated with distinguished musicians and ensembles such as the : Philharmonia Orchestra, Orchestre Symphonique du Capitole de Toulouse ,Czech Radio Symphony, Buffalo  Philharmonic, Muenchen Sinfoniker, Orquestra Sinfonica “Ciudad de Malaga”, N.H.K. Danyu Orchestra(Japan), Odessa Philharmonic ,Orchestra Sinfonica-del Emilia Romagna-“ArturoToscanini”, Oxford Philomusica, New England Symponic Ensemble, Athens State Orchestra, Hellenic Radio Sympony and Modern Radio Sympony, Thessaloniki State Orchestra, Hellenic National Radio Symphony , Camerata of the friends of  Music ,Orchestre Symphonique de Neuchatel, Odessa Chamber Orchestra, Opava Chamber Orchestra, Patras Chamber Orchestra, Volos Symphony Orchestra the N.Y.Phil. Chamber Soloists, contralto Maria Farandouri guitarist Oscar Ghiglia, Saxophonist Theodor Kerkezos and conductors  Michel Plasson, Phillipe Entremont, Pedro Calderon , Hobart Earle, in important venues such as the: Berlin Philharmonie, Barbican Hall, Carnegie (Weil) Hall, Wigmore Hall, Queen Elisabeth  Hall, Kensington Palace, St.James Palace, , Casals Hall –Kioi Hall - Kodaira Hall(Tokyo), Rudolfinum Dvorakhall, Basler Konzerthaus, BernKulturkasino, Athens Megaron, Thessaloniki Megaron e.t.c.

He has appeared in venues such as Berlin Philharmonie,Carnegie Hall, Avery Fischer Hall, Symphony Space Auditorium(NY)), Barbican Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Wigmore Hall, Kensington Palace, St. James Palace,Codaira Hall, Casals Hall and Κioi Hall (Τokyo), Rudolfinum Dvorak Hall (Prague), Bern Kulturkazino , Hans Huber Saal Basel ,Athens and Thessaloniki Megaron of Music and  in many festivals around the world. He has also special guest artist at Unicef’s  50th Anniversary concert at Chicago with Nana Mouschouri and Harry Belafonte.

He has recorded for B.B.C, RAI, ARD, Suisse Radio, Berlin Radio 3 a.o.

His other activities include productions of numerous radios and tv programs, giving solo piano recitals and concerts, lecturing and teaching, also conducting, all with equal critical and public acclaim. He is widely known in his country, as producer of Classical Music Programs for TV and Radio.

Between June 2014-15 he has been the Director of the National Classical Radio 3 (Trito Programma).

Since September 2015 Christos Papageorgiou is the Artistic Director of the National Conservarory Kifissia.

From 2016 to the present is appointed “Program’s Special Cultural Advisor” in ERT where he also broadcasts weekly on National TV and Radio.

In 2015 on a televised anniversary concert performed and conducted from the piano Prokofieff’s 3rd Piano Concerto 85 years after Dimitris Mitropoulos in Berlin thus becoming the fourth after Prokofieff and Van Cliburn to do so.



Some of his various distinctions include: First Prize at the “5th International Competition for Composition “2 Agosto” (Bologna,Italy) for his "Electric Guitar Concerto". 

First prizes / distinctions in five International Piano Duo Competitions in U.S.A, Japan, Italy, Czech Republic and Switzerland. He was the recipient of the “Young Artist of the Year” award for 1998 by the “National Society of Critics for music and drama”,

Special award for his cultural work as Radio Director from the “Maria Callas Society for the new Lyric Academy” and as a producer from the “Friends of Classical Music Society”.

Appointed “Artist in Residence” at the Awarded International Classical Music and Opera “Festival of the Aegean” in Syros ,2013.



He has obtained his titles and diplomas in all the fields of his activities (piano, composition, conducting, teaching), with honours and distinctions from the Royal Academy of Music in London (with full scholarship and “Leverhume Trust Fellowship”), University of London, Thames Valley University the Athens State Conservatory. He was also granted the Onassis Foundation scholarship, among many others.

Christos Papageorgiou gives regularly numerous lectures and lecture concerts (many times both as soloist and conductor). He had been teaching  for 10 years Music History and Piano at the Ionian University in Corfu and the National School of Dance, was a regular pre-concert lecturer for the Athens State Orchestra’s annual series and lectured in many Institutions around Greece and abroad such  as the Wiener Gesselschaft fur Music, Lucern Conesrvatory, the Mass Media Department of the Athens University the Postgraduate Department of the School of Architecture of  Volos University e.t.c.                                     

Since 2019 the composer is represented worldwide by MUSICENTRY


Selected Critics on Christos Papageorgiou

“Α Masterpiece, this will stay in history. A great musical work. An achievement of the highest level for any composer or performer. An ambassador of modern music for Greece which should be presented all over the world.”

Mikis Theodorakis on “Stylistic Variations” 

“…a unified expression of tautly focused energy. It was a great concert opener and marked the work of someone whose career would be interesting to follow.”

Garaud MacTaggart “CITY & REGION Wednesday March 20, 2013

“…of the Skalkottas’ monumental set of 36 Greek Dances this one (by Papageorgiou) could be the …37th !..”

Monemvasitis “Eleftherotypia” Newspaper, March 12 2013

”…An amazing composer ….”Pyrrichios” is an absolute winner!”

Maestro JoAnn Falleta, Grammy Award Winner, Artistic Director Buffalo Philharmonic Orchsetra

“…Papageorgiou the composer and Papageorgiou the performer presents a unique “one-man-show” …

George Leotsakos (Musicologist (Groves Dictionary of Music), Composer, Secretary of the National Critics Association) EXPRESS- Financial Newspaper. March 13, 2010

Christos Papageorgiou

Address: Pavlou Mela 40 Drossia

TK 14572 Athens - Greece

Tel./Fax: 0030-210-6229494





Toccata in Do, Toccata in C (1987) 4:00

9 – 11 after (publ. Musica Ferrum)

Prelude in Do (1991) 4:00

2 Etudes (1991) 7:00

Stylistic Variations on a theme (Sto perigiali to krifo) by Mikis Theodorakis for piano solo (2009) 70:00

Be there on time (1 min. prelude) 1:00

Little prayer on the name of Keith Jarrett (2006) 4:00

Tango (Non mi ami piu) (1996 -2003) 4:00








Pyrrichios (2010)

Jonathan's Journey (2019)

Canzona for strings (2019) 8:00



Concerto for piano and orchestra no. 1 in do (1988 – 1989) 30:00

Concerto for piano and orchestra no. 2 (2003, rev 2007) 35:00

Concert ‘Hommage to J.S.Bach's 1056’ for piano and strings (no. 3) (2009)

‘Triptychon’ concertino for two pianos and strings (1996) 17:00

Handel 4th Sonata for violin and bass continuo (processed for piano, violin and strings) (2009) 20:00

Concerto-Ballada for electric guitar and orchestra ("1st Prize 2 Agosto" 1999) 11:00

Violin Concerto (2018) 32:00



In Memoriam (in memory of Stelios Papadimitriou) (1996 – 2016 last rev) 8:00

for Soprano - Mezzo Soprano Percussion (Piano incl.)

Strings and also arrangements for 

voice piano oboe violin

voice piano and strings quartet

2 voices piano and string quartet

2 voices piano and string quintet

Voice piano oboe brass and strings



"The Musical Suite" for 12 pianists /6 Pianos (2017)

1.Zambetas a la Schostakovich / 2. Love Song /3. Chioti – Mambo /4.Zeibekiko on Bach's

"Dragatrakis Variations" for Violin and Piano (2005)

Tango (Non mi ami piu) (1996 -2003) 4:00

Saxophone - Piano

Saxophone and orchestra

Guitar - Piano

Violin - Piano


Lullaby 5:00

Violin and piano

Two guitars

Guitar and Piano



 Songs for voice and large orchestra

Love of my Life (Freddy Mercury) for voice guitar and Orchestra

Skyfall (Adele, Paul Epsworth)

Amado mio (Doris Fisher - Alan Roberts)

La vie en rose (Edith Piaf L&F Monnot)

Johnny Guitar (Victor Young- Peggy Lee)

Sound of Silence Mrs Robinson (Paul Simon) (Simon and Garfunkel Medley)

Serpico - Honeymoon- Que sera sera (Mikis Theodorakis/Nikos Gatsos , Evans/Livingstone)

Eternaly (Charlie Chaplin)

Por una Gabezza (Carlos Gardel)

Poios to xerei (Mimis Plessas- Kostas Pretenderis)

Ena proino - "Annabel" (Stavros Xarhakos-Yiorgos Papastefanou)

Afti i nyxta menei (Stamatis Kraounakis)

Kataspro Yiasemi (Christos Leontis -Dimitris Lentzos)

Varka sto gialo (Mikis Theodorakis) for two sopranos and Orchestra


Voice and Piano solo

Winmills of your Mind (Michel Legran - Alan and Mairylin Bergman)

Afti i nyxta menei (Stamatis Kraounakis)


(for strings quartet)

Mikis Theodorakis: Faidra, Varka sto gialo, Kaimos

Manos Hadjidakis: Pes mou mia lexi, Thalassa platia

Dionissis Savvopoulos: Μia Thalassa mikri

Johannes Brahms: 1st, 4th, 5th, Hungarian dances for 2 pianos and strings

Darius Milhaud: ‘Scaramouche’ for 2 pianos and strings




Onassis – Callas the Myth (2007 – 2011) 2h 30 min

Book Music and Lyrics by C.P.




Το Aroma tou chronou (1996) 30:00 (by Simos Varsamidis)

Sylvia’s Path – Documentary (1999) 20:00 (Sylvia Faddis, Bill Cosby co-production and narration)

Pandora (2006) 30:00 (by George Stamboulopoulos)

(Music and 2 songs in lyrics by Argyris Chatzinakis)

Teleftea ora (On the last Hour) (retro Tango)

Τis fotias ta logia  (Burning words) (Τsifteteli)

The Wild Duck (2013) 16:00 (by Giannis Sakaridis)



ΟΜΜΑ in Arts (2017)

Εn Synolo



Emission Renata Dalianoudi (3rd program) (2003 – 2004)

Searching for the Lady with the Strichnine (2002 -2019)



Song Cycle ‘’Ta Theodorakika’’ Theodorakis Cycle in lyrics by Mikis Theodorakis

(Versions for: Voice and Piano / Voice Piano & String quartet*)


Fickle Bird

Ston Synellina

Den me pistepses

Exquisite eyes

The lad

To metopo

Tis agapis logia

To taxidi

Mes stin kardia mou klino tin Ellada

To tragoudi ton tragoudion

Tora pou pethainoun ta louloudia


*Theodorakis' Cycle

(Soprano Piano and string quartet)


Fickle Bird

Exquisit eyes

Words of Love

The lad


Circle of rock songs in lyrics by Argyris Chatzinakis

Tha rtho mia mera

Ela na fygoume

Se zitissa mia Kyriaki

San karvouna anamena

...Kai paschize to soma…

Apopse tha s onirefto

teleftea ora

Tis fotias ta logia (Thelo apopse na kao)


Circle of 7 songs in lyrics by Nikos Moraitis (for voice and piano- voice and orchestra)

Το tragoudi tis Litos (2018) 35:00

Kapote pou zousame

Ena vradi san glenti megalo                               

I episkeptes                                                                          

Ligaki na ton do                                         

Matia sou ine I Mitilini                                 

To onoma sou                                            

Ti imoun gia kinon


Nanourisma (Lyrics by Christos Papageorgiou) (2008)

"Ballade for the forgotten ideas" (1982)



July 2nd 2019 at Vouleftiko, 28th Nafplion Festival, a concert tribute to Greek-Canadian composers. ''In Memoriam'' Christos Papageorgiou

July 10th 2019 Concert at Herod's Atticus Odeon (Maria Farantouri) Soloist : Christos Papageorgiou

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