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G. Henle Verlag

G. Henle Verlag

G. Henle Publishers is a German publishing house that specialises in urtext editions of sheet music. Musicians around the world, both amateurs and professionals, can fully rely on their sheet music of what is called "classical music".


The music engraving of G. Henle publishers is said to be the finest and best engraving in the world. Only a few selected music engravers collaborate with G. Henle. The majority of the Urtext editions in their backlist was even engraved by hand, using traditional metal plate engraving techniques.

The publishing programme of G. Henle publishers includes works by composers from all different periods, in particular composers from the baroque to the early twentieth century whose works are no longer under copyright. In addition to its sheet music, G. Henle Publishers also produces scholarly complete editions, books, reference works and periodicals.The publishing house also offers its Urtext editions in digital form, available in an app for tablets.

Musicians trust Henle’s urtext editions with the caracteristic blue colour and rightly so, because their musical scores

  • provide the undistorted, reliable and authoritative musical text
  • offer superb, aesthetically-pleasing music engraving
  • contain a short preface that introduces the work in German, English and French as well as explanatory footnotes for particularly interesting passages in the score
  • include a “Critical Report” in German and English (often also in French) with a complete list of the sources, an evaluation of the sources and different readings, including a documentation of the corrections that have been made
  • are optimised for practical use (page turns, fingerings) for all printed editions, in addition you can customise the musical layout of your score in the digital “Henle Library” app
  • the printed ones are of extremely high quality and durability (cover, paper, binding).

An urtext edition of a work of classical music is a printed version intended to reproduce the original intention of the composer as exactly as possible, without any added or changed material.

In collaboration with G. Henle Verlag we provide sheet music of the finest urtext editions available on sale.

In our website you may search among 1941 titles for the products of your interest.

If you wish to place an order, or you are seeking more information about the products, please send us your request by filling the relevant page and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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