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Hangam Majid

Hangam Majid

Code: 38MAJ01
698.00 €

Hangam, tunable Percussion instrument with 1 Basedrum, 5 different drums, 1 Snare, 2 Peps all in 1 shell.

With the HANGAM, Majid Drums presents the revolution for the Percussion-World.

With its 7 Pads, including 1 Bass-Pad, 1 Snare and 5 more Percussion-Pads, this unique instrument offers a lot of possibilities. Notable is that all of the 7 Pads are tuneable due to magnets on each Pad. This offers endless variations of sounds.

In addition to that, the HANGAM also comes with 2 Kaskaritas. The HAMGAM is very light and well shaped, allowing the musician to comfortably play it on his lap or on a stand. These characteristics also make the transportation of this amazing instrument very easy.

Product Weight: 5,00 kg.


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