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"I was disgusted... but still not completely" at the Lambeti summer theater

22 June 2023Source:

The 'Hell' of the 90's is back. At the Lambeti summer theater from Thursday, June 22 - Sunday, July 30.

Really, how much have things changed during the last 30 years?

In a retro setting reminiscent of a 90s nightclub, the show begins when the audience enters the venue. A folk singer opens the program, welcomes them with dance and songs and prepares them for what is to come.

It is a black comedy, with the caustic texts of Lena Kitsopoulou.

The three heroines, despite seemingly being strangers to each other, overcome what separates them and gradually lose themselves in the humor, the blur from the smoke of the scenery and the noise from the "doghouses". And suddenly from strangers they turn into familiar, everyday figures, people next door.

In the end they will only have each other...!

My Green Dress, M.A.I.R.O.Y.L.A. and Lena Kitsopoulou's "Katathlas'' meet at the "Kolasis" nightclub.


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