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Savvas Karantzias - Composer

Distinguished composer from Rhodes with multidimensional work and professor of classical guitar. He follows a journey of cultural geography and music diplomacy, representing Greece internationally in concerts, showing in the best way that a Greek with love in Art can become the lighthouse and sea of Culture.

Savvas Karantzias (1981 - ) Composer

He received his music education in A. Corelli Conservatory (Rhodes), where he is currently the Conservatory’s professor and director. He also works in the synthetic study of the sound phenomenon and the depiction of image in sound.

He is co-founder of the «European Polyphony / Polyphonie Europeenne» festival and founder of Ars Artis Organization.

His first appearance in the record industry was in 2015 in the record «Echomonologues» in collaboration with “Subways Music” Company.

He has created multiform compositions for orchestra, choir, theater, chamber music and pieces of music for solo instruments.

In 2016 he composed the music-theatrical play titled “O kiklos tou 10” [The circle of 10”] which was presented at Michael  Cacoyannis Foundation and has worked with very significant actors, directors and choreographers.

In 2017 he composed the Oratorio “Theophanes  the Greek” founder of the Russian iconography.

It was presented before an audience for the first time at the Cathedral Church of the Annunciation in Rhodes, and then in Istanbul.

Then the play was presented at the Collège Notre Dame de France in Paris (France) and in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow (Russia).

Then it was presented at the Bibliotheca of Alexandria (Egypt) under the auspices of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and following the invitation of the Pope and the Patriarch Theodore II’ of Alexandria and all Africa, where he was awarded with the honor of the Grand Commander of Our Lion Battalion of Alexandria.

The compositions of Savvas Karantzias have traveled the world and his works were presented by significant Greeks and foreign artists as well as by significant ensembles. In 2018 he started a long-term collaboration with the Moscow Synodal choir for whom he receives every year an order for the composition of new plays destined to be firstly presented before the Russian audience.    

In 2020 he composed the Oratorio “Adrei Rublev” which was presented in Moscow (Russia) in Zaryadye Concert Hall.

During the last years he is inspired by the Estonian composer Arvo Part.

Since 2020 Savvas Karantzias is represented by MUSICENTRY and the Dutch Publishing Music House Donemus for the publications of his works.


4/3/2021 Letter to Savvas Karantzias by Marina Tarkovskaya (daughter of the Russian poet Arseni Tarkovsky)

The Oratorio 'Theofanis the Greek' by the composer Savvas Karantzias, written by the poet Arseni Tarkovsky, is a powerful music embodiment of the passions of Man, as well as of the Faith and Hope, with which humanity has lived for many centuries. Medieval hagiographer, authority of religious painting on frescoes, originating from Byzantium, the Theophanes the Greek, the poet Arseni Tarkovsky, the director Andrei Tarkovsky, who spoke about the great Theophanes in "Andrei Rublyov", the composer Savvas Karantzias, author of the Oratorio, are connected with their selfless devotion, freedom and depth of expression, the biblical power of the works.
Marina Tarkovskaya


Оратория  «Феофан Грек» композитора  Савваса Карандзиса на слова  поэта Арсения Тарковского — это  мощное музыкальное воплощение страданий Человека, а также Веры, и Надежды, с которыми  жило человечество на протяжении многих веков. Средневековый иконописец, мастер фресковой религиозной живописи, выходец из Византии Феофан Грек, поэт Арсений Тарковский, кинорежиссер Андрей Тарковский, рассказавший в своем фильме «Андрей Рублев» о  великом Феофане, композитор Саввас Карандзис, автор Оратории, связаны  воедино их подвижничеством, свободой и глубиной высказывания, библейской силой произведений.

Марина Тарковская

Four errant icons

for Solo Guitar (2013)
Duration: 4.44'

Prelude: Nostalgic Bells

for Solo Piano (2014)
Duration: 3' - 4'

Sanctus for Mass

for Double Choir (2015)
Duration: 10' - 11'

The circle of 10

for Music live Performance, Solo Soprano, Piano, Orchestra (2015)
Duration: 70' - 75'


for Solo Piano (2017)
Duration: 3'

The circle of nine

for Solo Violin (2017)
 Duration: 7' - 8'


for Solo Piano and Narration (2018)
Duration: 3'


for 2 Pianos (2018)
Duration: 8'

Theophanes the Greek

for Mixed Choir, Soprano, Piano, Percussions, String Orchestra, Narrator (2018)
Duration: 55' - 60'

Theophanes the Greek

2nd version for Piano, Percussions, Children's Choir and Mixed Choir (2019)
Duration: 10’

Andrei Rublev

for Mixed Choir, Soprano, Tenoro, Piano, Percussions, String Orchestra, Narrator (2020)
Duration: 40' - 45'

In memory of Giya

Homage to Giya Kancheli for violin, viola and cello (2020)
Duration: 11' - 12'

I was sleeping under a jasmine tree

for Tape, String Orchestra and Percussions (2020)
Duration: 7'

  1. Constantinople – Turkey

Community Hall of the Society

14 April 2018


Savvas Karantzias, Panayiotis Gogos, Athens Academia Choir, Conductor: Nikos Malliaras

Under the auspices of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople


  1. Rhodes - Greece

Festival «European Polyphony»

15 & 16 February 2019 / 2020

27 September 2020

Artistic Contributors: Savvas Karantzias, Loïc Pierre, Michalis Kalaentzis, Panayiotis Gogos, French Choir MIKROKOSMOS, Rhodes Mixed Choir, European Music Choir of Music School of Rhodes & Children's Choir Amabile.


  1. Paris - France

Collège Notre Dame de France

23 Μay 2019


Artistic Contributors: Savvas Karantzias, Piérre Chépelov, Children’s Choir of Notre Dame de France, French Choir Le Cénacle, Dimitri Tchesnokov.


  1. Μoscow - Russia

Tretyakov Gallery

9 July 2019


Artistic Contributors: Savvas Karantzias, Synodal Choir of Moscow under the direction of Alexei Puzakov, Panayiotis Gogos and the participation of Voce Anima Ensemble.


  1. Alexandria - Egypt

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

20 October 2019


Artistic Contributors: Savvas Karantzias, Athens Academic Youth Choir under the direction of Nikos Malliaras, Panayiotis Gogos, Athens Philharmonia Orchestra, Arts Spontanés

Under suspicions of the Patriarchate of Alexandria


  1. Moscow - Russia

«Zaryadye» Concert Hall

28 October 2020


Artistic Contributors: Savvas Karantzias, Panayiotis Gogos, Synodal Choir of Moscow under the direction of Alexei Puzakov, Panayiotis Gogos and the participation of Voce Anima Ensemble.

Under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Culture


  1. Moscow - Russıa

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

20 May 2021


Moscow Synodal Choir (chief conductor, Honored artist of Russia Alexey Puzakov)

Voce Anima orchestra (head - Alexey Medvedev) Youth Synodal chorus (head - Mikhail Kotelnikov) Piano: Panayotis Gogos, Director - Dmitry Mayakov Motion

Designer (Dmitry Puzakov) Coordination, Arts Spontanés

''ECHONOMOLOGUES" by Subways Music (2015)

All pieces are written for solo instruments – guitar, piano, cello, clarinet, flute, except for a flute & cello duet. All six compositions were recorded live: the first in the Amphitheatre of the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki and the other five at the Grand Master’s Palace in Rhodes. The performers are Panagiotis Gogos (piano), Giorgos Kavasilas (guitar), Angelos Liakakis (cello), Vivi Papaioannou (flute) and Manousos Ploumidis (clarinet).


''THEOPHANES the GREEK'' by Ars Artis (2018)

The musical work” THEOPHANES the GREEK” is an original musical composition from Savvas Karatzias written for a mixed choir and chamber orchestra. A musical pilgrimage that follows and reflects in sounds the life of Russian iconography founder Theophanes who was also the teacher of the most important Russian iconographer (Saint) Andrei Rublev.



CD 1: Theophanes the Greek, an oratorio for reciter, soprano, mixed choir and orchestra (2018)

CD 2: Andrei Rublev, an oratorio for reciter, soloists, mixed choir and orchestra (2019)

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