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Alexis Agrafiotis' recordings released by Donemus Records on digital platforms

11 December 2020Source: Donemus Records

Since May 2020 Donemus launched 'Donemus Records'. Through the label ''Composers’ Voice'' Donemus has been looking for ways to help composers and musicians increase their international visibility, and reach wider audiences worldwide. In this way, the music of composers reaches millions of listeners.This new initiative offers a great opportunity for composers and musicians so as their recordings are  distributed on many digital platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, helping them gain attention and worldwide promotion.

Musicentry expands its cooperation with Donemus in the field of releasing its composers' recording and helping them gain attention and worldwide promotion.The first releases are already available.

You can enjoy the following recordings of the internationally acclaimed composer ALEXIS AGRAFIOTIS  :

  • 4 Bass Songs

The small eros

The candle

The death of Hypatia 415 AC

The separation

  • 3 Mexican Songs 

Ay, solo me debo ir 

Bolero en Armagedón 

Ay de mi!...

  • String Quartet

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