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Aoustras or The Wildness by Lena Kitsopoulou at Theater 104

11 March 2024Source: Musicentry

Three heroes, Katerina, Angeliki and Vangelis, are waiting at their house for a tourist they met earlier in the center of Athens. While they wait, they get bored and engage in pointless conversations. And yet, it quickly becomes apparent that the atmosphere is not light. Their mood is aggressive and threatening, with intense outbursts, from madness to complete emptiness. The three heroes are very sure of their worth as Greeks, as well as their superiority over any foreigner. The Stranger, the Northern European Selan, enters this universe completely unsuspecting and is confronted with the harsh "Greekness".

Stefania Samara presents her first direction, approaching the Aoustras or the Wildness, 13 years after its first presentation, with a renewed text, a fresh look and a genuine mood of exploration: how much has the Greeks' gaze towards "foreigners" changed today? How differently do we treat a European than any other foreigner?


Vangelis: Diamantis Adamantidis

Angeliki: Thalassini Vostantzoglou

Katerina: Stefania Samaras

Foreigner: Victor Benuziglio

From: 11 March 2024 - Until: 16 April 2024

Days and times of performances: Monday & Tuesday at 21:00 Duration: 80'


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