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Christos Papageorgiou recital ''Classical music in cinema'' at Cultural Conference Center Heraklion

The multitalented, world-widely acknowledged and award-winning composer, pianist, conductor and producer Christos Papageorgiou presents for the very first time at the “Andreas and Maria Kalokairinou” Hall an intriguing lecture-recital on the relationship between classical music and the music composed for cinema, on April 24, 2021. 

Great works of the classical music repertory as well as selected excerpts from the soundtracks composed for a series of famous movies are performed at the piano by the producer himself, aiming to enlighten secret insights which convey classical music to cinema.

What is described by the term “classical music”?
Which is the connection between Richard Wagner and …Indiana Jones, or even …Superman?

Thematic axes of the lecture-recital presented by Christos Papageorgiou:
Ι. What is “classical music”?

ΙΙ. The numerous ways of using classical music in the movies

ΙΙΙ. Movies with classical music

      Fantasia | “The Cat Concerto” Tom & Jerry | Amadeus

      Madame Souzatzka | The Competition | Callas Forever 

      The Shine | Quantum of Solace – James Bond | Mission Impossible

IV. Wagner and Strauss in cinema!

      Superman | 2001 A Space Odyssey | Match Point

V. Copying and covering is an old new story

     Chopin ∙ Hatjidakis ∙ Schubert ∙ Beethoven ∙ Haydn ∙ Mozart

      Johnny Guitar | Omen | Star Wars | The Right Stuff 

      Braveheart | Predator | Jaws | Open range |Basic Instinct

      Silverado | Dangerous Moonlight | Indiana Jones

VI. Classical music and music for the movies


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