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Electric Violin
Electric Violin
Electric Violin
Electric Violin

Electric Violin

Code: EV-14

Small, but not to be underestimated.

EV-14 with magnetodynamic Pickup : (2.400 €)

EV-15 with magnetodynamic Pickup / 5 strings (2.500 €)

No matter if your surrounding is noisy...
No matter if you're going to play with effects or even with heavy distortion...
No matter if you're playing fast and powerful for hours...
...enjoy the extraordinary playability and powerful electric sound.

Technical details Electric - Strings

Size : 4/4

Body : Strong multi layer carbon fiber laminate 

Fingerboard : Carbon

Uppernut : Composite with integrated contact areas

Pegs : Wittner Finetuningpegs, alternative Pegheads

Chinrest : Arcus, Guarneri oder Teka-Modell, optional translucent

Bridge : Composite bridge with integrated contact areas

Proof of authenticity : Label with Serialnumber

Pick up : Magnetodynamic pickupsystem with active preamp using 48V phantompower via XLR-connector

Connection jack : XLR-jack integrated in the service lid on the back, alternatively integrated in the ribs

Finish variations : High gloss painture showing fibre structure, opaque colour or custom painture (airbrush, multicolour, or translucent ink). Neck area remains without paint.

  • High gloss colour painture : (200 €)
  • High gloss painture showing weave : (550 €)
  • Custom painture (multicolour or translucent ink) : (750 €)

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