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Red E-Cello
Red E-Cello
Red E-Cello
Red E-Cello

Red E-Cello

Code: EV-14
3800.00 €


EC-14 with magnetodynamic Pickup

Tough and powerful !

No matter if playing at a small club or on a big festival stage...
No matter if you're playing softly or loudly and aggressive...
...perfect in every situation.

Technical details Electric - Strings

Size : 4/4

Pegs : E-Bass machine heads

Spike : Memminger end button with Carbon or Titanium spike

Proof of authenticity : Label with Serialnumber

Pick up : Magnetodynamic pickupsystem with active preamp using 48V phantompower via XLR-connector

Connection jack : XLR-jack integrated in the service lid on the back

Finish variations : High gloss painture showing fibre structure, opaque colour or custom painture (airbrush, multicolour, or translucent ink). Neck area remains without paint.

  • Satin finish was finish showing weave (320 €)
  • High gloss painture showing weave (650 €)
  • Custom painture (multicolour or translucent ink) (850 €)

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