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1200.00 €

Monolina with 34 strings, is the larger sister of the Monolini !
You can select one of five different basic tunings below :

MO-34 A   (Monolina with basic tuning in A - rich overtones, character tending to minor) 

MO-34 C   (Monolina with basic tuning in C - rich overtones, character tending to major)

MO-34 D   (Monolina with basic tuning in D - deepest Monolina for strong bass and vibration!) 

MO-34 F    (Monolina with basic tuning in F - for vibration and abundance!) 

MO-34 G   (Monolina with basic tuning in G - crystal clear and universal) 

In each case, two instruments fit harmoniously together. These are the instruments F and C / D and A.

The Monolina is the perfect all round instrument for beginners and professionals in meditation, overtone singing, sound massage and music. Easy to play, easy to transport! With its lightweight the Monolina is an ideal instrument for musicians or therapists "on the go" .

The Monolina combines energizing overtones with the deeper tones of bass and fifth strings. Using the template for major and minor pentatonic and 5 bridges you can include a melody instrument with a harp-like sound. The strings can softly be played with the fingers, can be picked or you can use a bamboo stick to play the strings like a hammer dulcimeter.

Description :

24 overtone strings, 5 bass strings, and 5 fifth strings

Material: ash & cherry wood

Dimensions: 72 x 33 x 11 cm / 28.3'' x 13'' x 4.3''

Weight: 2,7 kg


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