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Pow Wow

Code: POW-65
1850.00 €

Ceremonial drum

Mother drum, incl. 2 mallets and stand

body height 12.2", playing height 32

The powwow drum is one of the ancient ceremonial drums of the American Plains Indians.

As ceremonial drums they are traditionally played by several drummers continously for several days at the so called Powwow parties. They call the spirits for the ceremony and hold the energy. Hot stones placed under the powwow drum are used to tighten the hide on wet days.

We use selected cow skins from a certified tannery in the middle of Germany, most of the animals are from organic farmers. The so called “scar skin“, the outer part of the skin, is used for the upper drumming skin and the split hide is used for the bottom drum head. Hide strips are used to fasten the hides onto the drum.

The beech wood fram is build up in four thin layers. In this way the frame is very durable and at the same time remains thin and light weight. The closed-body design of these drums helps them to hold their tension and good sound for a long time becausee the inside of the drum does not accumulate humidity.

The sound wave of the drum is similar to a gong and vibrates with long powerful overtones.

The stand for the powwow drum is made out of beech wood and is easily set up and dismantled.


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