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06 March 2023Source: Universal Edition

Universal Edition was founded in Vienna in 1901. The main reason was to break the independence on imported sheet music which mainly came from Leipzig. Its head office is located in the Musikverein Vienna.

The first publications were focused on works from the classical and romantic periods but within a few years contemporary music increasingly dominated the companies’ publishing policy.

Universal Edition’s catalogue now encompasses over 32,000 titles. These include concert works and stage works, as well as chamber music, educational music, music for pleasure, books and study scores. In 1972 Wiener Urtext Edition was created to publish Urtext editions of works covering the Baroque to the 20th Century.

The catalogue of Universal Edition is inseparably linked with the great composers and musical developments of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Universal Edition also recognises the importance of digitisation in the years ahead. The focus is on new offers, both for musicians and performers. Offers that recognize and cover the needs of today‘s music market. Our aim is to publish the music of today and the future. Digital offers and products like scodo and getnote show this development.


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