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Support concert for the composer Vangelis Katsoulis: After the fire...

12 March 2023Source: Gothess

A special musical event in support of the composer Vangelis Katsoulis by his friends Dimitris Desyllas with the Percussion Ensemble, Human Touch, Christos Tambouratzis with his band.

With deep empathy and a lot of fun, they organize and participate in a concert-celebration of music with music of high creative value, fusion, jazz, soul, contemporary music and improvisations.

"On this special night, he offered to host the HolyWood Stage, an evolution of one of the oldest woodworking and furniture production factories, with the warmth and smell of wood going hand in hand with the excellent sound and lighting coverage to provide the best conditions both to the distinguished artists, as well as to the public who will enjoy this unique musical coexistence with a good cause."


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