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'To Maraki ekl@se' by the group Seven Sisters in texts by Lena Kitsopoulou at Faust Theatre

08 November 2021Source: Faust Theatre Arts

The Seven Sisters group presents "To Maraki eklase" based on 5 short stories by Lena Kitsopoulou (Sakis, I Trypa, O Karagiozis, ELTA, Kites).

Seven women on stage tell five comedy-tragic stories by Lena Kitsopoulou. The Holy Greek Family. The Patriarchate. Childhood. Five family stories like those happen every once in a while, like those we hear in the ''news of 8:00'', like those happen and should happen "away from us". People next door eating at family tables, working in public services, having children, wives and grandmothers. People who, when they need to suffer, when they come face to face with horror, react and resist as best they can. With large doses of humor, with small doses of irony and sarcasm, with a game mood, they rely on each other, create common codes of communication.

The Seven Sisters, as true children of holy Greek families who have now grown up, feel ready to tell these stories. No effort to beautify, no excuses and - most importantly - no shame.

"We are together".

With humor, with small doses of irony and sarcasm, but also with a genuine mood for play, the Seven Sisters are seven women who choose to expose themselves. They choose to stand together in the face of all the impasses created by our male-dominated society and through the stories they tell they leave their wounds open for the whole world to see. They dare, through the art of theater, to claim an environment where their desires will fit, where their voices will be their own with real value, where they will be able to tear down and (co) shape landscapes, where they will no longer have to anxious for an emergency exit. They dare to dream of a world without fear and constant threat.


Texts: Lena Kitsopoulou

Directed by: Giota Seremeti

Sets - Costumes: Seven Sisters

Music curation: Giota Seremeti

Lighting design: Costas Filippoglou

Assistant director: Vana Sleiman

Photos: Georgia Karabini

Art direction - Video art - Poster design: Lydia Tsatsou Paraskevopoulou

Artistic collaboration: Panagiota Varela, Maroula Kalambokia, Andromachi Makridou

Contact person: Androniki Tsatsaroni

Cast: Christina Andreakou, Eleni Gioura, Artemis Dourou, Maria Sareli, Giota Seremeti, Vana Sleiman

Lydia Tsatsou Paraskevopoulou is on the decks


Premiere Monday, November 8, 2021, at 20.00

Days & hours of performances: Monday and Tuesday, at 20.00

Performance duration: 115 minutes

Ticket price: General admission 10 euros


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