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The Gift of Gods : A 2-days Festival of Music and Education in Ancient Greece

08 November 2019Source:

‪A series of events including :

  • an Interactive Exhibition of Ancient Music Instruments,
  • lectures and discussion panels related to ancient greek music and civilisation,
  • live concerts by virtuoso Musicians,
  • Ancient surviving melodies and modern songs performed on an ancient Greek lyre,
  • workshops on how to construct and play ancient Greek lyre for amateurs and advanced musicians,

will take place on the 2 days Festival ''The Gift of Gods'' at the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Kostas Kotsanas, November 8 - 9.

The festival will conclude with a recital by the virtuoso lyricist Nikos Xanthoulis, who brings the lyre back to its original glory, digging into the essence of the organ and reviving techniques we never imagined that existed. 



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